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DOB: June 2, 2015
CHIC #: 125028

Click for Sylphrena's OFA clearances
Hips: Good.
Elbows: Normal.
Shoulders: Normal.
Heart: Normal - no evidence for adult onset inherited heart disease (test done 2016 and valid for 1 year) and no evidence for congenital heart disease.
Eyes: Normal 2016 w/ breeder option: E1 cataract, suspect not inherited.
Patellas: Normal.
Thyroid: Normal.
Cystinuria: - clear (DNA).
Coat colour: Black; does not carry grey or landseer (DNA).

DNA donated to CHIC DNA Repository for canine research.

Sylphrena was quite the energetic newf as a puppy, however she's mellowed out quite a bit. She is very much a people-person - when we go to the dog park she always says hi to the people first! She has managed to lick most if not all the judges in the show ring. We call her our “Licky Monster” because she just explodes with affection for her humans.

Unfortunately we tried breeding her multiple times with a few different sires and no breedings took. At 5 1/2 years old she had an open pyometra and so she had an emergency spay.

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