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Puppy Application

The application is fairly long. You have the option to save your work at the bottom of the page if you don't complete it all in one sitting. Completing this application does not put the potential buyer nor the breeder under any obligation. Please read all of the following requirements before submitting this application:

  • All puppies are sold on a limited registration (non-breeding contract).

  • Puppies will be placed by Lanfear Newfoundlands based on best fit for each family utilizing the information provided on application, phone calls, and the countless hours I have spent observing and with the puppies. I will decide placements AFTER puppies have their hearts echo dopplered at 10+ weeks of age by a specialist. If a specific sex or color (black or landseer) is preferred I will try to accommodate, however I may offer one that differs if I feel it is a better match or there are no puppies available of the preferred sex or color.

  • A secure, physical fence is mandatory regardless of property size. Must be 5 or more feet tall, attached to the residence.

  • I do not place puppies in apartments, condos or rented homes.

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Puppy Application

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