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Our Puppies


Buying a puppy from an ethical breeder is very different from what you can expect from majority of those that are advertised on Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist or other platforms. There is no Click to Buy, no first come first served, and no puppy to pull out from a kennel as requests come in.

There is, however someone

  • To make sure you know the good, the bad and the ugly

  •  Dedicated to the health and wellbeing of every dog they not only produce but own

  • Who takes time to pour over dogs, pedigrees and health clearances in hopes of improving their next generation

  • Who works and/or shows their dogs to prove they are good representations of the breed so that you're actually getting a puppy with the characteristics you fell in love with

  • Rain or shine they are there for the lifetime of each puppy they produce

Cost of a Puppy
Breeding ethically is costly. The price of a Lanfear puppy is currently $4250 total, and while that may seem expensive, trust me when I say this: I do not profit from breeding. Every single penny goes right back into my breeding program and dogs so that I may continue to breed for the healthiest newfoundlands with fantastic temperaments that fit the breed standard. If you're curious, click here to see a breakdown of what goes into the cost of a puppy.
What you receive with your puppy:
  • Lifetime breeder support and advice
  • Canadian Kennel Club limited (non-breeding) registration

  •  M4S ID Microchip registered with CKC and CANADACHIP national pet recovery program

  • Comprehensive puppy package detailing all things newf: socializing, training, exercise, vaccines, diet, common health issues, etc

  • Physical exam and age-appropriate vaccines (minimum 1 distemper/parvovirus) given by a veterinarian

  • 30 day free trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Age-appropriate deworming (typically done at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks)

  • Echo-dopplered (ultrasounded) heart by a veterinarian who has additional training in echocardiography at 10+ weeks of age

  • Raised with Puppy Culture/Avidog training methods

  • Blanket containing mother/littermates' scent

  • A familiar toy

  • A 5 generation pedigree

  • A starter collar/leash set and customized pet ID tag

  • Sample of food and coupon for free trial bag

  • If, for any reason you are unable to keep your dog, we will ALWAYS take the dog back no matter what


Application Process

As an ethical breeder, I take placing each and every puppy very seriously. My goal is to match each puppy with their appropriate home that is willing to provide a lifetime commitment. It is important I find homes that have similar care and training philosophies where they live as cherished family members. Selling a puppy is not a one-time transaction for me. As such, I encourage you to ask questions at the end when filling out the Puppy Questionnaire. Why? Because this is a two-way street - rather than looking for a puppy you should be looking for a BREEDER that matches the top criteria you are looking for. Often times, if that breeder is unable to provide a puppy (no breeding plans, failed breedings, etc.), you can ask them if there are other breeders with similar breeding priorities that they can refer you to.

Step 1: Fill out the Puppy Application. Once it is received, it will be evaluated and the potential puppy buyer will be notified of status. If I think you would be a good fit, I will arrange a telephone interview where we can discuss things a little more in depth.

Step 2: The telephone interview. This is a great opportunity to ask questions that you may not have asked on the application, and allows me to clarify any questions that may have popped up from your application, as well as go into further detail. If I still think you are a great fit for one of my puppies, your name will appear on my waitlist and will be given priority over fresh applicants received at time of litter announcements. I ask that if you are on my waitlist that you keep in touch every few months. Ultimately the homes I choose will be those that showed a high level of interest by keeping in touch with me, that have shown a desire to get to know me. Even if you are not looking for a newfoundland for a couple years, you can still join the waitlist and pass on a litter until the timing is right.

Step 3: I will post on my Facebook page and website as my breeding plans progress - this includes confirmation of pregnancy via ultrasound, as well as a puppy count radiograph. Once puppies are born, waitlist occupants will be informed to once again confirm their interest in a puppy from this litter. Once puppies are past the initial delicate period (2-3 weeks of age), I will ask for a $500 non-refundable* deposit to ensure a puppy in the litter is reserved for you. Deposits are non-refundable as at this point I expect the homes that I have carefully selected to be committed. A lot of time and effort goes into my puppies, but also into vetting families for my Lanfear Newfoundland puppies. *In the event that there is not an available puppy from this litter for some reason (eg. no good matchup for your family), your deposit is 100% refunded.

Step 4: Photos will be shared as the litter grows. They will be evaluated carefully for their individual personality and energy traits to see which puppy would best fit which family. Avidog Puppy Evaluation Tests (APET testing) will be performed around 9 weeks to further help us in our evaluations. Opportunities to visit them will be provided and encouraged.


Step 5: At 10+ weeks of age, their hearts will be echo-dopplered by a veterinarian who has additional training in echocardiography. Dr Schott has performed over 15,000 abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds. He had operated under a board certified cardiologist for ten years, and is heavily trusted by our breeding community of both canines and felines. After hearts are checked, potential show/breeding prospects will be selected/finalized, and then each family is informed which puppy has been selected for them. Pick ups & transportation will be arranged, and balance owing is to be paid on pick up or prior to transporting.

Puppy Applications are currently open.

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