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Bred with Pride for Health, Temperament and Breed Standard


Hello, and welcome to our website!

Lanfear Newfoundlands is a small Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered breeder kennel located in rural Manitoba, Canada. We live on a large acreage where all our newfs are raised and kept in our home as cherished members of the family. We are passionate about the breed and love to chat newfs - if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!

Our breeding program focuses on:



All dogs used in our breeding program will have:

- OFA hips and elbows rated by board-certified radiologists

Eyes checked multiple times by a board-certified ophthalmologist

Hearts checked by a board-certified cardiologist

- Patellas checked by a veterinarian

- DNA tested for cystinuria

- be overall healthy with no major or concerning health issues with either parent (eg., allergies, cruciate tears, bloat, etc)

Puppies will be echo-dopplered by a veterinarian with advanced training in ultrasonography around 9-10 weeks prior to going to new homes.

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We breed newfoundland dogs for their iconic sweet and lovable disposition. Our newfoundlands are easygoing, affectionate and very social with humans. We do not breed dogs with undesirable traits such as timidness or aggression.




Our objective is to safeguard the distinctive qualities of the Newfoundland breed. With every carefully planned breeding, we strive to identify and enhance these sought-after attributes, aiming to create robust and healthy representatives that embody the true essence of a Newfoundland in both appearance and behavior.


Why "Lanfear"?

When we got our first newf, we already had a cat named Elayne from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. In keeping with the theme, we picked "Lanfear" which translates to "Daughter of the Night" so we officially registered her as Jalynn's Daughter of the Night. She marked the beginning of our life-changing journey. In her honor, we chose to name our kennel after her, ensuring her name lives on as an integral part of our legacy.


New to newfs?

We hope you find our website helpful. We love our breed and are happy to share information which may help you determine if the newfoundland is right for you.



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Website Updates:

Nov3/23 - Added info on application process, as well as puppy application

Oct 31/23 - Updated a few pages. You may also have noticed our great new logo, too!

Mar 20/23 - You may notice things look different - we've remade our website :)

Jan 17/23 - Our email has changed! Please contact us via the provided form or emailing
Nov 26/22 - added heart clearances to Vivenna, Shallan and Lopen’s page. Edited contact us page.
Sept 19/22 - added some photos to Vivenna, Shallan and Morgase’s page
August 16/22 - updated Lopen, Vivenna and Shallan’s page with results from the MCA dog show
June 6/22 - updated Lopen’s page with OFA finals for hips/elbows/shoulders
May 16/22 - added to Lopen and Shallan pages.
Feb 15/22 - added Vivenna and Shallan pages, updated Morgase’s page (now retired)
Aug 11/21 - added Morgase page, updated Lopen’s page, updated Contact Us page, added group photo to main page
Jan 12/21 - updated Sylphrena’s page (now retired), breeding plans, Contact page.
Dec 7/20 - updated Lanfear’s page (now retired)
Dec 2/20 - added more photos
Sept 1/20 - added Lopen page, updated breeding plans
April 5/20 - added info regarding COVID, updated breeding plans
Feb 4/19 - updated future breeding plans
Feb 2/19 - added ‘Cost of a Puppy’ page under PUPPIES tab
May 27/18 - added potential puppy questionnaire form for submissions. Edited breeding plans.
Mar 24/18 - Sylphrena obtained her CH yesterday at the Northwinds AM show!
Jan 30/18 - added Sylphrena's thyroid results, litter announcement!
Nov 17/17 - added CHIC number for Sylphrena
Nov 15/17 - added photos of "A" litter to puppies page. Added facebook link at bottom of page
Nov 13/17 - updated OFA tests for Mariners Stormlight at Lanfear
Nov 12/17 - updated OFA tests for Lanfear's Alethi Queen, added and changed photos

Also just a quick thank you to Brendan, who took some of the photos of my dogs on this website. He's a great photographer and we are grateful for all the wonderful memories he's captured of our dogs :) His photos can be found on instagram  @brendanguyot or @murphynewfy

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