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DOB: August 17, 2016
Click for Navani's OFA clearances

Hips: Preliminary good.
Elbows: Preliminary DJD II unilateral left.
Shoulders: Normal.
Heart: Not tested.
Eyes: normal (2016). Not submitted to OFA yet.
Patellas: Not tested yet.
Thyroid: Not tested yet. 
Cystinuria: - clear (both parents clear therefore must be clear).
Coat colour: Black, landseer recessive.

Navani is a daughter of Lanfear x Kelso (Jalynn's Daughter of the Night x Pipelines The Spy Who Loved Me). We have decided to remove her from our breeding program due to her elbow dysplasia and not having the temperament we would like going foreward, however she will still be a pet and a very much loved part of the family.

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