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DOB: May 5, 2014
CHIC #: 116510

Click for Lanfear's OFA clearances
Hips: Excellent.
Elbows: Normal. 
Shoulders: Normal.
Heart: Normal - no evidence for adult onset inherited heart disease (test done 2016 and valid for 1 year) and no evidence for congenital heart disease.
Eyes: Normal
Patellas: Normal.
Thyroid: Normal.
Cystinuria: - clear (DNA).
Coat colour: Black; does not carry grey or landseer (DNA). Carries irish spotted.

DNA donated to CHIC DNA Repository for canine research.

Lanfear is an amazing girl. She carries the sweet, calm disposition that newfoundlands are known for. She is excellent with our cats and any children we meet and plays very gentle with any new additions we bring home.

Lanfear whelped my first litter in 2016. She gave birth to 5 males and 4 females of which we kept one girl (Navani). I was hoping to get another litter from her but after several failed attempts I decided to retire her at 6 1/2 years. She will continue to stay with us as a loved part of the family.

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