Lanfear Newfoundland Puppies:

All potential owners will be screened carefully before a puppy is placed. Puppies will be evaluated on their personalities and matched carefully to their families'  lifestyle. All puppies will be initially sold on a non-breeding contract, and if they are not breeding/showing prospects, require a spay/neuter contract as well. They come with a 2-year hereditary and congenital health guarantee, and extensive puppy package.




None at this time. Great places to look for other breeders would be with the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada, as well as the Newf Friends Blogspot Breeder Referral Program list. It is not unusual to wait 6-12 months for a puppy from a reputable breeder!




"B" Litter: Slyphrena (Mariners Stormlight at Lanfear) x Vedder (Cucarrick's Amongst the Waves). Breeding did not take first attempt; will be retrying in the new year.
This will be an all black litter.
Sylphrena's OFA page:
Vedder's OFA page:

  Mariners Stormlight at Lanfear

Slyphrena (Mariners Stormlight at Lanfear)

Cucarricks Amongst the Waves2.jpg

Vedder (Cucarrick's Amongst the Waves)




"A" Litter: Lanfear (Jalynn's Daughter of the Night) x Kelso (Pipeline's The Spy Who Loved Me) Nine beautiful puppies were born August 17th, 2016! There were 3 black girls, 1 irish spotted girl and 5 black boys! More photos of the puppies growing up can be found on our facebook page here:

Most of the photos below of the litter were taken by Brendan Guyot, gold boy's (Murphy) owner :)

  Lanfear (Jalynn's Daughter of the Night)

Lanfear (Jalynn's Daughter of the Night)

   Kelso (Pipeline's The Spy Who Loved Me)

 Kelso (Pipeline's The Spy Who Loved Me)