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Filling out this form in no way guarantees you will be provided a puppy, or that you are committed to getting a puppy from us. The application form is only the first step in us getting to know you better. Please fill this form out as accurately as you can, as if you do get a puppy from us, it helps us determine which puppy goes to what family.

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A giant breed dog should not be spayed/neutered until ideally 24 months of age, as early spay/neuter affects the hormones which play an important role in the bone growth plate closures. Spaying/neutering too early increases the risk of several different types of deadly cancers, hip/elbow dysplasia, and things like cruciate tears. As per my contract, it must not be done until at least, bare minimum, 12 months of age for females, 18 months of age for males. Are you willing to agree to this? *
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