Our Dogs

All our dogs that will potentially be used in our breeding program will be tested for hips, elbows, shoulders, hearts, eyes, patellas, thyroid, and cystinuria - NO exceptions. We also believe that non-passing results should not be hidden, therefore even if our dogs do not pass a specific health clearance, the information will be made available to the public. This information is not only important to us, but also important to those that may be breeding relatives of our dogs.


Lanfear (CH. Jalynn's Daughter of the Night)

Lanfear is an amazing girl. She carries the sweet, calm disposition that newfoundlands are known for. She is excellent with our cats and any children we meet. She achieved her championship while out of coat, and has two legs towards her rally novice title!

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DOB: May 5, 2014
CHIC #: 116510
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Hips: Excellent.
Elbows: Normal. 
Shoulders: Normal.
Heart: Normal - no evidence for adult onset inherited heart disease (test done 2016 and valid for 1 year) and no evidence for congenital heart disease.
Eyes: Normal
Patellas: Normal.
Thyroid: Normal.
Cystinuria: - clear (DNA).
Coat colour: Black; does not carry grey or landseer (DNA). Carries irish spotted.

DNA donated to CHIC DNA Repository for canine research.



Sylphrena (Mariners Stormlight at Lanfear)

Sylphrena was quite the energetic newf as a puppy, however she's mellowed out quite a bit. She is very much a people-person - when we go to the dog park she always says hi to the people first! She currently has nine points towards her championship!

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DOB: June 2, 2015
CHIC #: 
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Hips: Preliminary good.
Elbows: Preliminary normal.
Shoulders: Normal.
Heart: Normal.
Eyes: Normal 2016 w/ breeder option: E1 cataract, suspect not inherited.
Patellas: Normal.
Thyroid: Not tested yet. 
Cystinuria: - clear (DNA).
Coat colour: Black; does not carry grey or landseer (DNA).

DNA donated to CHIC DNA Repository for canine research.



Navani (Lanfear's Alethi Queen)


DOB: August 17, 2016
CHIC #: 
Hips: Not tested yet.
Elbows: Not tested yet.
Shoulders: Not tested yet.
Heart: Not tested.
Eyes: normal (2016). Not submitted to OFA yet.

Patellas: Not tested yet.
Thyroid: Not tested yet. 
Cystinuria: - clear (both parents clear therefore must be clear).
Coat colour: Black, landseer recessive.


Navani is a daughter of Lanfear x Kelso (Jalynn's Daughter of the Night x Pipelines The Spy Who Loved Me). She has a very sweet, calm and gentle temperament - very similar to her mother. We are very excited to see how this little lady grows up!